My life is pain

The majority of my life has been pain, my pain started when I was young, it first the manifested in verbal assaults, shortly after the physical assaults began. When I gave the authority at the time the truth with all my convictions, which was never heard and over time it became the norm of my existence. To survive I let my mind wonder, sometimes of places of fantasy and horror, both a joy to my sanity. Other times it wondered to places of hate and torture to those that tormented me.

Pushing the Boundaries

As humans we like to believe that we need to understand everything around us, which means we need to break it down into its components. Which on paper sounds good. However, if you keep on breaking things down then there is the potential that the thing you are trying to understand will just break.

Censorship running amuck

Censorship is a faulty system of progression. Its Ironic that I need to write about censorship since censorship is a completely opposite paradigm when it comes to opening up a dialogue with someone. You know the world is a mess when there is a Website with long list of words and those that are common in every day practice and yet have been deemed offensive.