CGI vs Practical effects: the effect they have on cinema

When George Lucas pioneered the developed of CGI in Star Wars through ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) no one would never of guessed the impact it would have on story telling on the silver screen forty-five years later.


Hope is what helps us survive and help us to continue. Hope is what helps us get through the pain that comes with being alive. Hope manifests in forms within society and the world at large.


Pain is flexible like musical chords. From a finger plucking a string on a guitar, or a bow brushing its fine hairs across the strings of a violin in sequence.

Pushing the Boundaries

As humans we like to believe that we need to understand everything around us, which means we need to break it down into its components. Which on paper sounds good. However, if you keep on breaking things down then there is the potential that the thing you are trying to understand will just break.