Evanescence: the end of a fandom

Every position in life is set with certain rules and lines in which a person cannot cross, they have the right to, but that doesn’t mean they should. Video game developers using their product to spread their political beliefs, or movie stars and writers inserting politics into the films in which they are a part of, and writers in comics or novels inserting real-world politics into their story.

Politics by itself isn’t a bad thing to put into the work as politics are a part of life. It’s what those politics are, and right now Identity Politics and Feminism are the current ones that have forced themselves into all forms of media. Identity Politics and Feminism are both hateful and divisive ideologies and these people are encouraged to be activist and promote whatever the ideology tells them to believe whether it’s factually correct or not.

The lines aren’t Laws, nor do they need to be, but an unwritten rule that everyone knows and excepts, everyone being most people. Whenever a person or persons crosses one of those lines they are told to step back as it’s not a part of their role. The way of thinking that you shouldn’t cross a line is pushing aside due to the teachings of the current politics of celebrities big or small, game companies, Universities/Colleges, television stations and companies of any brand. An example of one infamous brand that crossed the line is Gillette and Burger King with their Woke advertisements.

This is one example of how divisive the ideology is and this isn’t the first time Amy Lee has stepped over the line like in her Facebook post on 12th of September 2018 with the hashtag #morechickslessdicks. The issue being that she is putting men down so she can prompt women up and put them on a pedestal while ignoring the fact that she wouldn’t be where she is without men. Going from the early rockers like AC/DC, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and going even further back to the Beatles. Her hashtag even excludes Troy Mclawhorn, Tim McCord and Will Hunt that are members of the band, and then there are the men that set up stage, control the lights and manage the sound equipment, the truck drivers that drive across the country to deliver the equipment to the set and many more that work in the background of the production of her shows.

To understand what is happening we need to look at what else she has said, not only recently but in previous interviews. Looking at her quotes in interviews and post on social media is a good way to gain insight into the way she thinks. And to make her latest post clearer to understand in their full context.


“I try to be feminist in, like, I love myself and I don’t need someone else’s approval.”

Amy Lee

On the outside looking in it would seem like a fine statement however she uses language like “I love myself,” and “I don’t need someone else’s approval,” with those parts it shows that she puts herself and her thoughts ahead of others and that the approval of others isn’t important to her. Which make no sense being a part of a popular band, and popularity is what it’s all about. Without the fans giving their approval to her then she wouldn’t be famous to begin with.

On the other hand, no one would argue that it’s not okay to love yourself, but then why mention that she couldn’t love herself without being a feminist? Or is she saying because she’s a feminist which is why she loves herself and the approval of others doesn’t mean anything to her? So, what does not worrying about others’ perspective of you have to do with being a feminist?

One thing is for certain is she loves herself and the people that don’t like something she says or does whether good or bad she could care less. But her beliefs go from in the grey area to nonsensical. And looking at the following quotes from different articles you can see how her thoughts a contradictory and under closer examination you can understand what she is truly saying. 


Amy Lee: The Hard Part of Being a Woman in Rock Music Isn’t About Proving You Can Sing

“They don’t talk like that to your face, but it’s this natural assumption that your abilities are exactly what they would expect a woman’s abilities to be. It takes constant proving that there’s more to you and constantly having to put your foot down and fight for your rights.”


Here she is just assuming what others think without any evidence to back up her ideas. It’s her assumption of her own abilities and since she cannot reconcile that, and her lack of ability to understand people intentions she puts unwarranted blame onto them. And then to say it’s because she’s a woman. Nowhere in her statement doe’s she provides proof of what she is claiming, just “it must be because I’m a woman.” Beside herself who is saying you can’t do anything because you’re a woman other than feminist. Then comes her issues of misunderstanding the advice she is given as found in the next articles.

Evanescence & Within Temptation Singers Share Opinion on ‘Hottest Chicks in Metal’ Tour, Talk Pressure to ‘Sex Things Up’

Question: Have you ever been pressured to ‘sex things up’?

Amy: “I never did what I didn’t want to do. I’m proud of that, but there are always those times when they’re telling you, ‘Hey, this is just how it works. People are going to focus on this, you need to lose 30 pounds.’

“It is truly your choice whether you follow that advice or leave it. The only thing it ever did to me makes me a little insecure, especially being 21 years old…”


Here it’s clear by her answer that even though she is being given some advice that it would be good to lose some weight, and that’s not a bad thing. They’re not calling her fat or obese, only that if she was to lose some weight in certain areas, they would be less distracting to the audience. And she clearly states there is a choice and at the end of the day the choice is hers. And yet she is claiming that this is a trouble to all women face in the music industry, obviously forgetting that actors are sometimes required to lose or put on weight depending on the role. Christian Bale in Batman Begins, Henry Cavill in The Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve in Superman — it’s a part of the entertainment industry in which she is now a part of. It has nothing to do with gender.

Amy Lee opens up about the struggles she has faced as a woman in music

“It was sometimes difficult to distinguish the difference between just being treated like a young idiot—you know, ‘You’re just a kid, everybody knows better than you’—and being treated that way because I was female,” Lee tells Billboard.

“I learned as I got more experienced, and a lot of it was because I’m a female. People naturally see us as the softer sex that’s going to step aside and let the men do the real work, so there’ve been plenty of times when I’ve had to look at that, recognize it, and go, ‘No, this is what’s going to happen because I’m positive that I’m right, and it’s my art and you’re not going to change it.’”


She uses what others say as a justification for what she thinks is true. She is so set in her ways of thinking that she never considered that the advice she was given due to the fact that they have been in the industry longer then her and that maybe they know better.

She like before is only assuming it is because she is a woman, no one can read another person’s mind and she is no exception to that. Her experience as she claims is no different than anything else she has assumed before. And she claims she is right, but there is that air of doubt and at the start when she says “I try to be feminist in, like, I love myself and I don’t need someone else’s approval,” she doesn’t care what anything else thinks if they were to correct her. Or try to help her so she can be better at what she does.

Amy Lee’s latest post on Twitter and Facebook.


Now to the crux of the matter and her recent tweet that has landed her in hot water with her fans, or ex fans now. In her controversial post she mentions Freedoms being lost and yet she never gives an example of what they are. Then she goes on about voices being silenced and yet it is common knowledge at this point that the mainstream media is dominated by the Left and the only ones that are being silenced are anyone that disagrees with them. But the part where her speech goes off the rails is when she refers to Trump as a “dictator.” Regardless of what you think of President Donald Trump whether for or against she has drawn a huge line in the sand by that word alone. And then she goes on to say “Don’t trust someone because they are in power or on Tv,” with her previous words and naming someone dictator without evidence it can be taken that she is talking about President Donald Trump. Does she include herself since she’s also on television, or is she being a hypocrite by only including others she disagrees with? But the nail in the coffin is when she is referring to the Impeachment by talking about the “abuse of power,” and “making decisions without our input, and silence us when we try to speak up.” All of this coming out after President Donald Trump was proven innocent in the Impeachment trial. She has no evidence in what she is claiming and she is being a hypocrite if she doesn’t count herself as being a part of the media industry as it currently stands. Her language is clear and there is no grey area of misunderstanding exactly who and what she is referring to. And she has also made it clear where she stands on it. All previous interviews and quotes confirm that she won’t listen to anyone else whether they know better than her or not on things that she has no experience in like the music industry when Ben Moody and herself first launched in 2003.

With all this it’s easy to see how she sees herself and how she views others that disagree with her views. There is a brash percentage of fans that cheer her on in everything she says whether correct or not is and it is really no different to any religious following. Although she wanted to escape being labelled as a Christian rock band, she now has developed a following that is loyal and is no different than any other religious fanatical group that exists in the world. Whether it be the religious dogma of feminism in which she adheres to or any other throughout history. Followings are a part of being a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that this kind of following is healthy for the fans, the band or herself.

Fandoms are not eternal and this has left a huge mark on something that was once great, and now it has de-evolved into something of its former self. She decided to cross a line that works. For every celebrity that has crossed that line you would have to ask yourself, where are they now and where will she be in the next five years if she continues on this path?


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