Blogging 2019: My Experience

I started blogging late last year and it has been an interesting experience to say the least. I’ve spoken to some of my idols on social media like Steve Alten and his Assistant Kelly Rollyson. I talked to a lot of good writers and have read their work, something that I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did I come across some good writers, nay I say great fiction writers but I’ve also come across self-help writers that range from how to “blog better” to lessons on “how to mediate.” All of them have helped me in making my work better.

I started advertising on Facebook and although slow at first it has recently increased by a number I never would have expected. My early experience I wasn’t reaching enough people so I decided to expand and try Twitter. I’m not a fan of social media, but it is a means to an end. Twitter has been more interesting than Facebook since you feel like you’re actually engaging with people, positive or negative. And there is plenty of both positive and negative people on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve been Blocked by several people, mostly because they don’t like what I have to say. Really though they’re Blocking themselves since it shows how closed minded, they are. Blocking and calling people racist, sexist and so on seems to be the thing on Twitter. Rather sad but that is the platform and how it is currently modeled.  

I want more views of my work like everyone else so it is a struggle sometimes to work out what people want to read, but as a writer I can’t write to their whims, otherwise I’m not writing what I want. It’s a fine line and hard to figure out what the best approach is in gaining more engagement on your page. It will come with time.

At first, I found Twitter rather addictive but as time when on the less it affected me, mostly due to the negative side of some of the people on it. I didn’t believe social media could be addictive however, that changed when I came to Twitter. I think as time goes own that will gradually disappear as well.

With blogging also comes trying to figure out how to grow and expand. If there are rules/guides that provide the exact information to suit your style then it is hard to find. It’s out there, but in small bits and pieces and although I’m no expert at understanding all of it I am learning as I go.

All and all it has been an interesting first year and now I need to set myself up to go even further this year. With what I’ve learned, I can evolve and get better, and more efficient.


  1. Thanks for sharing. This was an interesting read for me as I also started my site last year and am learning a lot. I agree that I
    it is a fascinating journey trying the different social media platforms and finding which one works well with the blog!

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  2. Agreed. I’m 4 months in and I keep finding that one size doesn’t fit all it the truth when it comes to blogging. It must take time and proper strategy for each one of us for things to work.

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    1. I’m working out somethings, I need to do them though. Then I need to master them like everything else. One of the challenges of writing that no one ever tells you. One would think writing is apart of the Dark Web sometime as to how secretive it is.


  3. Actually the entire internet is full of trolls these days. And don’t get me started with analytics, marketing, targeting and things like that when Facebook doesn’t even show my old good pages and friends posts. I mean should I check each and every page, friend, group etc. ? The internet is made to make you pay for visibility and that is spamming everyone’s feed for few hours.

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  4. I was a bit addicted to Twitter too but I’m not anymore – It’s a great platform for connections and promotion and I enjoy a bit of a conversation here and there. I haven’t used Facebook for my blog yet – am Thinking about it, so you have found it to be a good platform for advertising your blog?

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    1. I found more of an audience on Twitter so far, but I reached to someone on Twitter and they helped me on Facebook. I’m still working Facebook on whether it is good, bad or in between for advertising my blog. Right now its getting better.


  5. Loved reading your journey as a blogger. I deleted my old blog and created a new one during November 2019 and I have no doubt in my mind that I did the right thing. I’ve learnt so much from my first time around and just in a couple months my new blog has already become more successful, it’s been a fantastic journey so far.

    Wishing you a great 2020 as a blogger!

    Kate |

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    1. When I first started my blog I tried paid advertisement through FaceBook, I believe the first $25 – $50 of advertisement were free (don’t know why) because I never received a bill, it might still be that way, but I’m not sure. Since it was at the start of my blog I didn’t have as much content as I currently do and my branding at that time wasn’t as clear as it is now.

      At this time I don’t have enough data on which social media is best for blogging, or at least my style of blogging. I’m thinking of doing another post like this one, but not till next year, or maybe mid-year. Undecided at this point.

      Glad you liked my article.

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  6. Thanks for sharing your journey. I’ve found similar struggles—it can really be tough to grow and navigate the world of blogging when you don’t necessarily fit into the same categories as other bloggers out there. It’s a lot of trial and error. Best of luck to you in year two!

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  7. All very true things. I haven’t yet paid on Facebook or Pinterest to promote. Honestly some say good things and some say bad things. I guess if I’m going to pay I want it to be good. Maybe I’ll give it a try in the 2nd quarter.

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    1. Right now I’m on the Premium Plan on WordPress so I don’t have access to all the features so I know I’m not getting the most out of my site. I’m hoping to change that as soon as I get the funds. Then I’ll have some new data in which to gauge how the system (internet) works when it comes to getting a larger audience.

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      1. Yes. Hard to monetize YouTube anymore. You have to have 1,000 subscribers. Then you have to have so many hours of watch time. I do videos but mostly to just add to my posts.

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  8. The Twitter rabbit hole!! Yes, me too!
    The irony is that I was trying to build a profile so I could sell my book and monetise my blog, but I needed up just on Twitter and not writing all the time! Bah!!

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  9. Although I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, I only started on Twitter in late 2019. It is a social media with drama, toxic comments and a ton of negativity but it’s also rewarding. Other than engaging bloggers and readers, Twitter has become my go-to for news and info about what’s going on around the world. Mainstream media isn’t very trustable, especially in current India, so Twitter is a welcome source of information from actual people without censors.

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  10. Absolutely, Abyss. If you keep putting in the work and posting and also connecting with others, you’ll build up a following in no time. You’ve got me as a faithful follower and that’s a decent start. Ha. Really, we can help each other grow and that’s the fun of it!

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  11. I started blogging in the middle of October 2019. I can relate to what you are saying. Marketing and promotion takes up a greater percentage of my time than I ever would have imagined. To my surprise, most of my traffic now comes from Pinterest! That may change at some point. My favorite place to promote is Instagram, but there is little evidence my time is well spent there.

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  12. It’s nice that you never loses hope even though people are being rude to you..hearing the truth hurts that’s why they did that..kudos to you though..and it’s the same thing for me slowly but now it’s kinda increasing, not that much but atleast there’s people out there appreciating our work 😊

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    1. If people want to call me names then that’s on them. It’s no big deal in the long run or in the short run. My article on Evanescence received a lot of flak on Twitter. The people lied, tried to twist the facts and wanted me to write what they wanted to hear. Unfortunately, that is a side of Twitter that is out there. I understand those people which is why I didn’t take them seriously and I still don’t. Don’t let it get to you.

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  13. I loved making new connections during my first year of blogging. For me, blogging and writing are all about expansion and growth and staying honest. The connection does not end; with so many people out there all writing about their passions, I am always looking and meeting new people. The ability to share is among my top list of reasons for enjoying writing so much. 🙂

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