One-Sided: feminisms bigotry manifested in society.

Haven’t you noticed that adults these days are acting more like children, their body has developed and yet not their mentally. These people tend to fall under the feminist label (which they chose), SJWs and Millennials. No matter how many debates and lectures there are, all they have as a form of non-argument is “you’re a Cis White Male,’ and that is as far it goes. No arguments or facts to backup any claim they make.

They’re a taught in Universities and Colleges to put their emotions ahead of their reason. If they don’t like the facts or a word, they call it Hate Speech. There are only two genders, male and female. Your emotions or how you feel is not a gender or sex. A sexuality is not a gender, it is just that – a sexuality.

Feminist and those that fall under the umbrella have no comprehension of reality. Feelings do not equal facts. And this whole we live in a patriarchy is utter nonsense. To understand which group of people is oppressed all you have to do is look at who are the ones that are being silenced. And who is that, men, not women. If you disagree with a woman in University when talking about any issue, she can get you expelled under Title IX and yet they claim to be the ones that are being oppressed.

Their only being oppressed by themselves. Who are the ones that say a woman couldn’t or shouldn’t do something? They are. Who are the ones that say what they claim men say? They are. It’s a farce and it getting old, real quick and if their (feminist) not careful their going to create what they’re claiming to be fighting against.

You go to Twitter, the mainstream media, movies and comics they are taking shots at men all the time, and whenever a man says “no we’re not that,” his called a sexist and loses his job. But when the shoe is on the foot, nothing happens. The woman isn’t punished or even given a slap on the wrist.

You may look like an adult but you don’t act like one. If you want to keep screaming and belittling men fine, see how far that gets you. Businesses are already started to turn women away if the false rape claims are to continue then soon there won’t be hardly any women in business. Of course, false rape claims only affect the man and his family. Not that that really matters since as far as society is concerned about the problem on effects women. If there is a problem that only affects men, they will turn it into an article about how it effects when. Articles such as Climate change ‘impacts women more than men’. These kinds of articles are absolutely ridiculous, borderline insane. Regardless of whether climate change is real or not, it would affect men and women, and yet men aren’t even put into account.

These kinds of practices of dehumanizing their enemy as a way to justify treating men like shit are of no surprise anymore. Adolf Hitler did it with the Jews and now the Feminist is doing it against men. Since #MeToo their true face has been shown to the world. They are hateful and they have no morals. They want the bad boy in their teens and then they want the Beta male’s money when their older.

It truly is selfish which is a clear sign of immaturity. They say women mature faster, biologically that is true, mentally they act like five-year old’s. Mature men and women, and yes there are mature women but in the current system, they are becoming fewer and fewer as they are taught throughout their lives to act less and less like a lady as they get older. Men don’t want to marry a child and that is showing with the low marriage rate.

Common knowledge and facts don’t need to be sited. If you don’t believe what is said then look it up. Recently they are claiming that the Doomsday Clock has moved up, under the current course we are on the end is near. Men keep the world running so maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. Keep emasculating men and it will happen.

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