Loch Ness (1996)

Loch Ness stars Ted Danson as a wash-up scientist Jonathan Dempsey who is given a research position to find evidence of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Running out of money and owing money to his ex he isn’t left with much choice when the offer or demand comes from Dr. Mercer, the head scientist of the University based in California and played by Harris Yulin.

When he first arrives, he is greeted by his research assistant Adrian Foote played by James Frain who worships Jonathan and all of his past exploits but Jonathan is too hungover by the flight to pay him much attention. Adrian sets Jonathan up to stay in a local hotel that is infested by large number local Cryptozoologist that are also Nessie hunters, the local nickname for Loch Ness monster.

Later on, he meets young Isabel played Kirsty Graham who lets him know that he can stay at a local bar where he meets Laura, played by Joely Richardson – Isabel’s mother. At this time Jonathan doesn’t really get along well with anyone, except Isabel and Adrian, but even that relationship is challenged when their test on the Loch comes out to nothing. Also, during their first trip across the Loch Jonathan learns of the Water Bailiff played by Ian Holm, a man that has been at Loch Ness since 1932 and knows every inch of the Loch. Jonathan is confronted on many levels, from relationships to his beliefs as are many of the others characters.

The film’s theme changes throughout, starting with belief verse non-belief of the existence of Plesiosaur, then it changes to obsession over belief and the price that you’re willing to pay, and finally to choosing between your obsession and living happily. Mystery and magic are among one of the charms of the film and a sense of wonder of whether the legends are true.

If you were to replace the cast with less known actors the movie wouldn’t be as good as it is since the story has a simple premise and plot. Which goes to shows that it’s the cast as well the story that can turn an average film into something rememberable. The age of the film also doesn’t determine whether a movie is good or not, its whether the story is good, the actors know what they’re doing and the passion they put into it and passion is in Loch Ness.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L90001PVzec


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