Twins (1988)

Twins follows Arnold Schwarzenegger as Julius and Danny DeVito as Vincent Benedict. Julius and Vincent were a part of a government experiment to create the first genetic superior human.

On Julius 35th birthday he learns that he has brother, and unable to let it go he goes off to find him. The movie plays on the idea of twins having a psychic connection which Julius uses to find Vincent.

Throughout the film are some cheesy jokes and some stunts, which you wouldn’t expect in a family film and going to the supermarket will never be the same again as Julius finds a new method of parking a car. While shopping the twin’s meet the Mason sisters, the love interests of the films. The film foreshadows the love interest early on for the twins, and unlike modern cinema it doesn’t rush through dialogue just to get to action. It takes it time and give the audience ample time to get attached to the characters and to be emotionally invested in them.

The film also points out the affect a different upbringing can have on a person. Vincent upbringing was very different to Julius’, receiving the short-end of the stick in life being raised in an orphanage and left to defend for himself while Julius on the other hand was loved and raised on a tropical island. The film also shows that their differences doesn’t stop them from being a family.

Julius from the start is about building a family with his brother and completing their family. The film will take you on an emotional journey as they travel from California to Houston, Texas so Vincent can pay off his debt. Sadly, throughout the film they are growing closer as brothers, but as a family. However, Vincent past and miss-deeds are following them as they search for their momma.

At the time filming Arnold Schwarzenegger acting wasn’t as good as it is now, so Danny DeVito carries the film. That’s not to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t act at the time, only that it was nowhere near as good his co-star. They both received adequate screen time and neither one was more or less important than the other. There is also an assortment of well-known actors in the supporting cast, and speaking of supporting cast the Mason sisters fulfilled their roles as the love interest flawlessly. Everyone had chemistry with each other and it showed as their dialogue naturally flows in each scene.

All and all a good film with some cheesy jokes from the 80s, characters that anyone can get behind and have an arc, even the minor ones and generally a film for anyone’s collection.


  1. So many people have told me about this movie and to watch this movie and every time I think ‘yeah I’m going to!’ and then I just… forget, or put it off, or pick a different one. I really ought to watch it! Thank you for the review.

    Happy New year!

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