Fate and Destiny (part 3)

For a moment a light shined from behind me, lighting up the bunker

“Sister stop!”

The orders made me pause as the voice went through me, my window closed. I looked other my shoulder; it was Destiny. He left a tear of light in the same place I had arrived from.    

“We’re not done yet. You haven’t seen the whole picture yet.”

I frowned at him as I moved my hand away from Hitler. Hitler was evil, there was nothing else to discuss.

“I’ve seen all I need to see.  He should die, for everyone’s sake.”  With that I opened the window again and showed Destiny what I had seen.  I wanted Destiny to see and understand the man and what he had planned for his people, the Jews, and the rest of the world. I showed imagines of woman screaming has their children were taken away, pictures of isolation camps, and people starved to the death, before being thrown into a pile like they were nothing. What could Destiny possibly say against me getting rid him.

He held my hand helping me stand back up. Energy sparked from hands to his, I knew he could feel my anger.

“I understand, but there is more here.”

He waved his right in the air opening another window and closing mine. His had energy going around it in red lightning. The pictures seemed to be only a few years in the future from now, it showed that Germany engineering had helped the country to develop and prosper.

“If he dies there will be no further develop in the country and it will become poor.”

“Technology is no excuse for all the deaths he will cause, and the people that will die in the future. It’s no excuse,” I argued pulling my hand away, “his evil. He must be destroyed.” I moved my hand back down to Hitler once more.

“Hold on. Before you do that, you must see this.”

I stopped again, only a fraction before I touched a hair, I stood back up and although my mind was made up I figured I’d give him a chance to give me a good reason not to go through with it, but if it was not a good reason I will do it. The window had gone white, and it took awhile before it showed anything. I saw a barren a land with a destroyed city in the background.

“How? Who?”

“If he dies, the world would not know what evil looks like and when evil shows itself again, and not recognized. It won’t be fought in time until it’s too late and the end result will be the world’s destruction. Come, we must leave man to sort its own destiny”

Unable to disagree I took his hand and we the left bunker through a mixture of our two colors. Blue on my side, and red on his. We allowed time to continue again as the portal closed behind us.

One comment

  1. I hate to say it but Destiny may be right. History is meant to be learned from and hopefully not repeated. I’d love to see all his victims live and for people to prosper and learn without this atrocity but wiser heads than mine prevail. And so it goes. Great post!

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