Fate and Destiny (part 2)

The sounds of soldiers running towards the bunker thumped the eerie silence within the boxed concrete tombs. Moments before the soldiers reached the broken reinforced door it all became still. Sounds, movement and time had stopped.

When entering another dimension of time and space I had to create a tear in my current plain so I could move into another. I open tears with my mind, and upon entering and exiting it create a burst of light like the opening of an eyelid. Being a part of the Ones that were in charge of keeping the universe running in the right order I had the task of determining ones’ existence and purpose. My name is Fate. My brother was Destiny and we had to see if Hitler should live or die and this was the best time to determine it as man has chosen to call on my brother and me to make a decision. One in which I was not happy to perform. I always hate having to decide if someone evil should live or die… There were so many veritable to consider. Like the affects it has on the present and how it would affect mans destiny.

I appeared a foot away from the Fuhrer; my skin was translucency very similar to that of a jellyfish but with a blue hue to it. To those that have witnessed my presence and live describe me as angel all in blue. To man I was a female, but I am just being.

I knelt down next to him. His short mustache was odd to see. From the many people I have come across his appearance was the one of the oddest. Although the pharaoh had a strange sense of clothing and headgear it was normal for the time culture but this man didn’t even look like his fellow Germans. What’s with humans? I thought.

Gathering the cosmic energies from within myself I placed my hand near his forehead. So, I could get a sense of his aura and energies to use to read his fate. As my hand picked up his aura another burst of light opened up in front of me. It was a light in an opal shape and it appeared to me as a window for me to look into. My thoughts were in sync with his; the window in front of me flicked and sparked showing flashes of images of his past. There was screaming, yelling and confusion…It was his birth. Then images of isolation, abuse and harassment…It was his youth. Then came flashes of war, bullets, and explosion with odd feelings of pride and patriotism. This man loved it, and lastly came images of discuss and pure hatred with underlying scores of betrayal as his home country had become weak and it made him feel sick to his stomach.

The amount of hate this man had he was using it to exterminate and an entire race. He must be killed, I thought as I moved in closer to end his life. Cutting his life energy from the fabric of nature.  


      1. It is a conundrum. While I hope she takes Hitler out, you just never know if it’s a mistake in the long run. In this very strange world we live in, it seems that sometimes even horrible acts serve a purpose to show us how not to be. On to part 3!

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