Fate and Destiny (part 1)

The explosion appeared successful, if all had gone as planned the Fuhrer, Hitler was dead. With that his reign would cease before it becomes absolute. The power that he had amassed, he used as a weapon, which he utilized to over throw the government. He also used it to spread fear among the civilians, the politicians, those that followed him and those under his iron grip. His presence alone was enough to cause ricochets of dread among those that worked for him and those he believed were beneath him. With a few words any of those people beneath him, whom was everyone, especially the Jews, were at his mercy, and nothing would be beyond his asking or desires. If he believed someone was traitor they would be shot, beaten to death or to an inch of their life, and if they were lucky, they would be exiled in shame. Of course, for some, being exiled was worse than death.

High officials in both the political and military backgrounds had just attempting a coup to remove him permanently so they could surrender to the allies in exchange for their lives and their countries future. Colonel Claus von Strauffenberg was there front man in Project Valkyrie. He had the task of planting the bomb near Hitler and escape in time while avoiding the suspicion of the men in military.

Colonel Strauffenberg had left the area only a few minutes before the explosion. The explosives were inside a brief case with a wired fuss. In Colonel Strauffenberg rush to leave he had to estimate the timing of the fuss.

The bunker’s roof opened up like a blossoming flower of rock, releasing a cloud of rubble and dust in the air. The air had become fogged in dust that choked out the light out in a brown and white haze. Rubble fell from the edges of the hole in the ceiling, cascading in the emptiness of the bunker. Maps on the wall were torn and scorched with marks along the surfaces, documents of plans and projects rained down in the room; some plans in which the generals brought to the meeting for Hitler to ok, and projects to be assessed and examined before they could be executed.

The dust was settling on the corpses that plagued the ground. Heads were bent in unusual angles, bones broken, and fingers had been obliterated in a mash of red plasma, rib cages were blown inwards; crashing organs and others were blown in half leaving there identifies to be discovered only by the shoe sizes and whatever other body markings they had.

Hitler was half buried by a huge chunk of debris from the ceiling. The debris blanketed him, leading him hopefully into a deep sleep, and if destiny and fate had anything to do with it, he would be dead. Destiny and fate now had the finally decision if man was right to take their destiny in their hands and change the fate of their country.


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