Know who you’re fighting

To fight your enemy is to understand you enemy. In war each enemy is different and different tactics are needed to fight them. In war it comes down to the environment, weapons available, the people in charge and the men and women on the ground.

Today feminist have become a civil enemy, an enemy that is hell-bent on destroying the male half of the population, clearly not realizing that women need men and vice versa. However, at this time is women and feminist that are on the war path against men.

They claim that they were slaves and oppressed in the past by men. No real evidence has come forward to support that claim. Being a house wife is not oppressive under any definition. You chose to stay at home and to be a parent while the man works. And it is just the facts that men work longer and more hours than women. That’s not oppressive, that is a choice on the woman’s part.

Bruce Lee found that not all fights have to be won by fighting – ‘the art of fighting without fighting.’


You talk to talk to a feminist, male or female and you learn that it is like to talking to a brick wall. They don’t see or care about the other side. As far as they are concerned, they are moral and ethically superior than you in every way, mean while they ignore the facts that they are the one’s with all the privileges.



You can’t fight them the conventional way. They (feminist) have been waging a war against men for a hundred years and they know how to twist the facts to suit their narrative.


The way to beat feminist is to use the ‘art of fighting without fight,’ meaning don’t engage with them in conversation on social media, don’t give money to any charity that goes to a women’s only charity, you don’t need to psychically fight them; you will most likely be arrest if you’re a male. Just walk away and give to no support in any way. There are signs of this of this already happening with the backlash to the #MeToo witch hunt against men. The average man has no power from the government or anything else under that umbrella, but if men are to walk away then they (feminist) will have no power. Don’t even listen to them when they get on their soapbox. Power means nothing if they have no one to rule. Don’t let them rule you. There are women that are starting to fight back against the misandry of feminism and they are out there, although they need to speak up more it is good that they are there. If the government and the media continues not to listen then soon there won’t a society to maintain as the men will be gone.


“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

There are many things we can learn from our past and yet it seems due humans short life span we haven’t learned that hatred creates more hatred. The cycle will be doomed to repeat if feminist don’t stop as they’re currently the ones in power. But having power with no one to rule is the outcome of a corrupt and biased system.

One way or another it is men that keep that country running, a little respect can and does go a long way.

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