Self Reflections

When I was born I was new and shiny,

I was unique and for all to admire and be. I shined so bright that all were grateful to see.

However it was not to be.

You see others had trouble you see, with me.

As they did not like me.

 You see,

And as time went on they damaged me, more and more,

It turned out happiness was not to be. You see. Now I am cracked for all to see.

When I thought I found others like me, it turns out I was wrong.

As all they saw is what they wanted to see in me and take advantage of me.

Which they did.

You see.

A friend I thought you see, but wrong I was as it turned out to be.

He betrayed me when I thought he was holding me for he allowed me to drop.

You see.

More cracks appeared on me so no one could see but me.

With cracks they could see they used to get what they wanted out of me.

They damaged me.

You see.

For years this went on, with no end in sight it appeared to be.

I had no need for them now as the damage was done.

I made my new cracks without them to help me.

You see.

I would have shuddered and shimmered until there be nothing of me.

Lucky however there was something in me that no one could see.

As it did not crack.

You see.

Although still fragile I still be, a small shine left in me.

It was not stable at all and for all now to clearly see, as I let it out.

You see.

That was a big mistake.

As what I thought was my last hope turned to be foolish hope,

And a bad one it be.

What a shame.

You see.

I shattered for all to see but not all did see even though I begged you to see.

But do not fear me as not all is lost to me.

A new replacement is coming.

You see.

I don’t know when it will arrive you see.

But it will be a great day.

You see.

However not for those that displaced me as they are now nothing to me.

And then I will be able to see what they have all missed to see and I will be great and for all to see.

Now you all see.

For it is great to be me.

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