Morthil Dracoseir

She ran, but wasn’t fast enough. She watched as her entire family was murdered. The family home burned in front of her, she just couldn’t save any of them, and she would rather die than, any of them. Her father stood across the field in front of the house. Her father turned to see her running towards him. She felt his fear in his eye’s as an arrow went through his back and out his chest. Blood spewed out his chest like a geyser. Melicent screamed as he fell to his knees. Darkness surrounded her, engulfing her in shadow.

Where are they? They should be here by now. She thought, leaning against the wall, looking over her shoulder through the open store window. The street was stripped with burned cars, light post twisted in unusual angles. Roads and foot path cracked like shredded sand paper. Melicent felt her heart beat through her worn black jacket. The anticipation was making her bow tremble in her hands.

She eased her grip on the bowstring before letting go of the arrow while still resting it on the sight. She placed her left hand on her chest, she felt the mark with her fingers under her thick jacket; don’t reckon she would ever forget what happened. The mark was a small circular ring upon her flesh. The skin had healed but had become fragile to touch. The wound tingled. A memory of what had been done to her flooded her mind. Screams and pain vibrated in her mind, she felt like she had been stabbed in the heart. It wasn’t going to happen again.


Focus girl! She demanded of herself. You’ll get all of those damn elves. There won’t be a single one left breathing. That she promised. ‘They were the last,’ she said to her father before he died. Returning to the here and now she placed her hand back on the bowstring. Her aim would be true, and she would keep it true. Sounds of the dead city still were whispering in her ears. Sound of the wind passing down the street; whistling through the subways, sound of leaves rustling across the road, while the sun was preparing for the dawn. She would not end up like the city, dead from the inside out.

It suddenly went quiet. She looked over her shoulder again; taking three deep breathes steadying herself. An elf shot out of a corner at the end of the street, stumbling on the road. It ran from an unknown threat. Melicent could see the fear in his yellow eyes. Even with the dawn’s orange glow light. The elf looked back behind himself before hurdling itself over a decayed car. It seemed young, maybe not too much older than her. He was wearing a grey short sleeve tunic with a red badge of a crow on his left shoulder and matching grey pants. He also was carrying a small weapon in his right hand. From what Melicent could see it was a small Elvin dagger, about five inches long that curved like a leaf.

Six other elves’s exited the same street; they wore the same matching clothing as the first elf. One of them appeared to be in charge as he was at the front of the pack, and it appeared that the others were following his lead.

“Get him!” The leader barked.                                                                           

Melicent watched them. She was surprised and strangely shocked to see them chasing one of their own. They were nearing her, for a moment she thought they were heading her way, but it appeared they didn’t know she was there. The blonde elf that she first saw was still running. He seemed exhausted. He wasn’t going to get away, what was she going to do? She only wanted one of them, the leader Vesperr. He was one of the scoundrels that was there when her family’s home was destroyed. Her life was destroyed. Vesperr was big; build like a lumberjack. His hair was brown and short, almost military style but with a small ponytail tied at the end. What was she going to do? She swore revenge but she didn’t want to kill someone who wasn’t responsible. She didn’t know the elf they were chasing after. Considering what they did to her family one less elf wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

The fleeing elf must have lost concentration while she was deciding, because he tripped on a loose piece of gravel and fell over, and slid across the broken road and stopped outside the store she was occupying. The pack finally reached their prey, standing before him. Vesperr pushed through the middle to look down upon him. Vesperr unsheathed his sword from his belt; it was a similar blade to the fallen elf’s which had escaped his grip when he had fallen over.

Melicent saw that Vesperr was talking to the other elf but from the cover she was in she was unable to hear what they were talking about. She watched as the tip of Verperr’s blade moved closer to the fallen one’s throat.

If she was to decide this was it. She stood up from the window and shot six arrows from her bow in quick succession. Two elves went down immediately after the arrows went through their heads. One got hit in the neck, the other two got hit in their shoulders, but the last arrow, the one she wanted to hit its mark missed Vesperr. It flew over his head avoiding him completely. Startled they turned their gaze to the unknown attacker.

“Get that bitch.” He ordered, pointing his sword.

But the men were unable to act due to the pain of arrows that had now dug deep into the bones of their shoulders. Not wanting to waste the opportunity Melicent withdrew two daggers she had on her belt and leaped out of the window and bolted towards them.

She cut down the two wounded elves by spinning across the ground, slicing their necks like a tornado filled with knifes, cutting anything in its path. Stunned that this woman he had came across once before was now able to cut his men down so easily. She was weak before. Melicent stopped spinning after she felt the daggers slicing their flesh. She briefly paused to glare into Verperr’s eyes, scaring him. He was looking at a ghost.

It had worked, she killed his entire force and now he was the last one. He had to escape and return to his master, but he would rather return a disgrace than not at all. Verperr dropped his blade in fear and ran back the way he had come from. Melicent sheathed her daggers quickly and drew another arrow but was to slow to aim down the sight and watched as the prey got away. She hoped she made the right choice; this elf better help or his next, she thought looking down to her left. To her surprise he showed little fear of her.                               

This elf is a part of Morthil Dracoseir command, he might know him. Hopefully he can lead me to him, Melicent pondered sheathing one of the daggers she drew. She knelt down beside him looking him over.                                                                                      

“Thank…” He began to say.

“Shut up!” She proclaimed. Not wanting him to get the first word, “what’s your name? Why are they hunting you? I want answers, your kind is not known for killing each other.” She explained while she placed the dagger to his throat, leaving him just enough room to breathe and speak.

“I’m Darfin Windwalker,” he answered after gulping, removing the dryness in his throat “they wanted me to track hum’es, and where your kind hide.” He explained as she leaned the knife deeper into his flesh.

“Why would you refuse? Your kind knows no kindness! Don’t twist the wind, explain your refusal to your kin or you’ll be speaking blood when I cut your throat.”

“I refused because I’m tired of this war; I’ve been fighting for too long. I’ve had enough.”

“How long have you been running?” She asked, with skeptical expression on her face.

“Since… spring.”

If what he says is true than he can lead me to Dracoseir. “Tell me how to get to Dracoseir and if your lie to me…” She didn’t need to finish the sentence. She raised herself back off the ground and sheathed her other dagger. She leaned down giving him her right hand, helping him up. He took her hand and pulled himself up.

“Lead the way,” Melicent ordered pointing the way he had come from, “and don’t try anything.”

Darfin knew what would happen if he did, and he didn’t want to try anything. After all he was exhausted. Darfin regained himself and dusted himself off. He took the chance to take look at her, wondering what this woman was about. Melicent and Darfin headed off. She would find Dracoseir this time.

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