Jason and the Argonauts

Jason had fought long and hard to get the Golden Fleece for his uncle. His uncle, King Pelias who had killed his father, King Aeson and married his mother Queen Polymede to hold the Throne of Thessally.

He had lost many of his new friends and crew of the Argos to get the Fleece. He killed the Hydra, battled the Harpies and fought his way from the beach of Thessally to the Palace, killing any soldier of his uncle’s that crossed his path.

He was young and naïve when he had left for the Fleece but now, he was battle worn and weary. During the journey for the Fleece he learned from his brother Acastus that his mother had setup his father to fall when King Pelias killed his father. It was his mother that opened the doors to the throne room that let King Pelias in.

Inside the throne room he saw the throne chair of his father’s at the end of the marble stone room and a large of pool stretching from one end to the other. Jason was tired as he walked in; his sword down by his side.

‘Ha, ha…Well this a surprise I didn’t think you would make it,’ King Pelias said walking to Jason with his arms open for a hug of welcome. King Pelias noticed that Jason had lowered his sword as he approached. King Pelias had kept the hidden knife in his right sleeve that he used to kill Jason’s father, he figured he’d use it again, after all Jason was family and a good man. He would never kill family.

Jason eyed his uncle as he approached, the exhaustion now getting to him as his vision started to slip. As his uncle went in for the hug his uncle was gesturing Jason noticed the way his uncle adjusting his right had to hug him under his arms. As his uncle enveloped him, he remembered something that Acastus told him, ‘don’t trust father.’

Jason felt his uncle tighten his grip and without thought run his blade through his uncle stomach, twisting the blade making sure that his uncle felt everything. His uncle leaned back in shock before falling to the side. He was dead, the throne was his.

As he headed to the throne his mother approached, crying and grateful that her son had returned; her arms were also open, hoping to hug her son that she hadn’t seen in twenty years. Jason didn’t hesitate and run his sword through her chest before letting go of the blade. The look of terror on her face as she wondered why.

‘For father…’ Jason said walking past her as she dropped to the ground.

Finally done, he sat on the throne and looked on at the blood before him. No more, he thought as he looked over to his mother and uncle dead on the throne room floor, their blood slowly running into the pool, staining the once pure water into a dark brown.

Now it was over!

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