Pain and anger take many forms, it is considered to be bad thing, and most of the time it is true. It does in its own way provide strength and understanding beyond a superficial level. There is at this point too much; digging its claws into our mind and body, shredding and tearing us into an unrecognizable shell that was once considered human. That’s not to say there isn’t an opposite; however, it’s so far away; unattainable by some. Hope gets lost along its path. To survive as a species, it gets pushed further and further beneath the filth that floods us every day.

Society is regressing to titles and sex in an age when humanity has knowledge and wisdom at our fingertips. Knowledge is power and even knowing that means nothing to a society that continues the cycle of repeating the worse parts of history. Again, and again objectivity, integrity, honesty and god forbid love for one another is desecrated in the name of fairness.

Although people claim to have these attributes they continue to not use them when it should really matter. Perspective or point of view is irrelevant when at a crucial time it can be an objective good to use any or all of those attributes depending upon the context of what’s happening, and yet they aren’t and don’t. Is it choice or is it society’s choice made for us. The world, not the whole has lost its way and the moment of decimation is coming to fruition.

Depraved as the world has become, hope is one thing that can bring it back. Finding it for many is hard when they have been violated at every turn, but they can still find it. Those among us that have a true gift for kindness and love of humanity express it through many ways. Art, film, music and other forms of expressions, what hope there is I search for and hold onto. In the end all there is – is hope.

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