Pain is flexible like musical chords. From a finger plucking a string on a guitar, or a bow brushing its fine hairs across the strings of a violin in sequence.

We all have chords that raise and lower us. We focus on those that cause us pain as they’re instant, and cause us to react. Lose is a chord with no true end. From the loss of someone, to lose of one-self. Music and life seem at times a constant; a pattern which at the surface can appear true, but because it appears true, it doesn’t make it so. It can bring joy, but can also topple one’s foundations.

The curve of a woman behind as your hand moves across her smooth skin, the sharp lines on a classic red Mustang, or the roar of a Porsche 911, a perfect pattern of words strung together that create emotions within a single action in a scene, or a certain pitch performed with harmonic vibration in a chord from a singer that has spent their life perfecting.

Even in pain there is an opposite chord that can raise you. Pain means life and life in itself is a chord that binds us to the world and those around, they can hurt us, and therefore shape us into a new instrument.

Life is a musical and one that we are all playing.

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