Pushing the Boundaries

As humans we like to believe that we need to understand everything around us, which means we need to break it down into its components. Which on paper sounds good. However, if you keep on breaking things down then there is the potential that the thing you are trying to understand will just break.

So maintain order within society there a certain lines of reason that shouldn’t be crossed. As those line represent order and common sense and although we always say “common sense isn’t common these days” which is true to an extant they’re common in their usage once one has understood that the problem was actually a simple equation to begin with.

Naturally and expectantly there are those that want to push the boundaries and strive for other thing, not to say greater things since greater is akin to ones beliefs in what they think is good for them or others, even if its completely wrong on all levels.

By example Doctor Frankenstein sought to extend life by way of immortality. And even though he succeeded he crossed the line of what nature intended for mankind.

“Its alive, its alive!”

One of the classic lines of the Frankenstein mythos.

And in the end the monster destroys him, not because it is a monster by humans standards, it’s because the monster was unnatural and Doctor Frankenstein went to a place that humans shouldn’t go.

In the now we have another form of pushing the boundaries and that is what is being endorsed by the media, schools and government when it comes to gender/sex. Whenever you argue with these people all you hear is that “gender is a social construct” or that its puts “people into groups, or a boxes,” therefore it is bad.

Again this falls under breaking things down too much, when we talk about science, as in rocket science, engineer and things of the like than it makes sense to break them down so they can be rebuild and re-engineered.

From the Apollo launch in 1967 (left) to the reusable Space Shuttle (right) that first launched on April 12, 1981 till July 21, 2011. Science and the progression of change in technological advances are the things that brought us to the Moon and into the future, it’s almost unlimited in its potential.

But biology is something that doesn’t change, it does in a evolutionary sense but not a in the present sense. Our biology is constant, not a construct of social norms that can be changed on a whim, or just because you feel like it.

A prime example of pushing the boundaries is of David Reimer who lost his identity as a man when he was child and his penis was accidentally cut off during a circumcision. A psychologist called John Money believed that gender was a construct and could be changed, and that it was wasn’t nature, but nurture that determines one identity. Sadly David Reimer killed himself after all of the psychology damage that John Money and his parents put him through.

See articles: https://embryo.asu.edu/pages/david-reimer-and-john-money-gender-reassignment-controversy-johnjoan-case


We as humans have lines for a reason, that’s why murder and rape is unexceptionable and that is rape of man or woman by either sex. We need to find a point when we say no more, if we cross this line things will stop working. Society must have order or some sense of order, otherwise we have chaos.

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