Censorship running amuck

Censorship is a faulty system of progression. Its Ironic that I need to write about censorship since censorship is a completely opposite paradigm when it comes to opening up a dialogue with someone. You know the world is a mess when there is a Website with a long list of words and are used in common every day practice have been deemed offensive.

A few examples are as follows:

black noun:

offensive a black person. This word is sometimes considered offensive, so you should be very careful about using it.

Indian noun:

old-fashioned a Native American.

native noun:

offensive an offensive word for someone belonging to a group who lived in a place before Europeans arrived there.

whitey noun:

an offensive word for a white person.

Link : https://www.macmillandictionary.com/thesaurus-category/british/offensive-words-for-people-according-to-nationality-or-ethnicity

This is only an example of what is being censored. Why censor a word like “black,” it is a descriptive word that is used in common speech. You can’t say a “black man stole my purse” when it was, now its “person of colour.” That makes no sense since everyone is a colour or shade of black, white and yellow. 

Words provide a sense of order within society where it be a native tribe in a jungle on the other side of the world, in a city or at home. Words provide that order by making it possible for someone to explain what they’re talking about. No one has time to go over every thought in their head before they speak. Talking is a biological imperative and it also helps us get things done. Say you’re at work and you have black boxes on the shelf called “Neger” that need to be taken down and your boss tells you to grab seven “black Negers” and a woman walks past and she hears this, she will think the boss is racist. They say context is key, but is it? Do people understand context anymore?

Professor Richard Ned Lebow was in such a situation when he was in an elevator and when the elevator asked what level he said ‘Ladies’ lingerie!’ Clearly a joke, referring to the classic television series Are You Being Served! He was shocked to hear that Professor Simona Sharoni, a teacher of Gender Studies got offended and put in a complaint about him. She is a Professor at University and yet she doesn’t understand the context of the language used. Even if he directed the joke at her, which he didn’t, see article. You can see how foolhardy she was.  


Its funny how this isn’t funny. A humble joke has gone out of control due to a woman with no sense of humour, I bring up women as they are the ones that are acting on this nonsense that is disrupting the flow of society. They keep saying their equal to men and yet there acting like a harmless joke is the end of the world.

Students have it no better, disagreeing with the teacher or what the school wants to teach is no better whether it be on school grounds or online. These people have propensity to do it everywhere. Obi Wan Kenobi said it best “who’s the bigger fool. The fool or the fool who follows him.” Government has chosen to follow fools.

We can’t talk about immigration like Muslims coming into Western countries or European countries like Paris and now there is a “No-Go” zone in Paris thanks to the Muslims. Never mind how many radical Muslims are terrorizing the countries they have migrated to. If there was ever a better example of why immigration of certain groups like Muslims is a bad idea Paris is it. See article on The Paris attack on Friday the 13th November 2015.


Why talk about terrorist attacks and falsely accusing a man of sexual harassment? These are raised to show a clear example of events that could have been prevented if we, meaning everyone was allowed to speak their mind. That way we can deal with the issues, and that is every issue. From male suicide and female on male rape, immigration, war, drugs, false accusations and so on.


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