Your Persona

When go outside do we put on a persona? What does your persona look like and how do you act when your around strangers? When we’re at home we have no persona, just us in our natural habitat. It is a place of comfort where you can drop your walls and be whatever you truly are.

And yet the second we walk past our front door the persona comes up like a energy shields on a space ship. Internally it is a safety barrier to everyone has, we all do it and for the few that don’t are people that know who they really are. That’s not to say that a confident person doesn’t put on show when they go out.

But what is a persona? Is it who we want to be, or is it something more primal? A primal desire to live thus bread. No matter how you splice it you cannot attract a mate without an air of confidence. Since we are animals it would appear so, however with the mind humans are arrogant and maybe that is what a persona is. A primal desire by acting over confident up to the put of arrogance.

Now, like it or lump it women are attracted to the confident men, because they see that as power and power means protection, and that is what they want. Deny as they may, it is the truth.

Another question comes to mind, can that persona change? Yes it can, however its purpose would still be the same since our human nature would over-ride whatever psychology tricks you would use. And even if you do, it will come back to biological reality one way or the other. Biology like reality takes no prisoners and you are your biology.

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