Silencing debate: its cost on society

Today is a sad day, it’s said because open dialogue and debate is no longer a option for a society that calls itself civil. Go back ten, fifteen years and people would talk to one another and even if the debate didn’t end well at least it was a debate.

These days its more a question of what your side of politics you lean on than the discussion you are having, and what makes it worse is that one side is silencing the other. The people that are doing this believe that they are our moral guardians. However, those in power only want to silence and name-call their appointment, which to anyone that calls themselves mature would agree that that is very childish.

The Right used to try and silence people on the grounds of religion. These days it is the Left and Feminist that are doing it on the grounds of so-called oppression and gender, and you would think that those who claim to be moral and ethical would be fine with a open debate about their views whether there wrong or right.

Feminist and the Left keep saying that they’re oppressed and yet it is not their voices that are being silenced. Its men and the Right that are being silenced when it comes to talking about issues of importance like men being raped by woman, male suicide, male circumcision, biased family court and many more issues.

Places like YouTube, Google and the government have become homes for people with licenses to censor the other side. And yet they claim that we are free and that we have freedom of speech, but do we? In Australia there is no such thing as free speech, not in government, socially when going out to the shops and not even in college or university. If someone gets offended that speech is erased. In the US people do at have more freedoms to speak and yet in Australia there is none what so ever. The people that say we do, are people that haven’t even look at the laws and considering everything is online, it is something that they could easily look up and yet they don’t and they won’t.

They claim to be about equality, which also means equality of free speech and yet they say nothing when men and women are silenced whom don’t agree with their views. The government and groups do not represent society, it is people that represent government and groups. With each push against silencing voices eventually there will be a point where you can’t push any further.

When you back an animal against a wall and there is no where for it to go, it will go right through you since you’re the only thing standing between it and its freedom. The constant mistreatment of men will come to a fold and unless the silencing stops there will be a push back and it won’t be pretty. To end the problem genuine dialogue needs to happen because the alternative will be, well…

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