Yin and Yang is the symbol of balance. A small amount of light in a large swirl of darkness and a small amount of darkness in a large swirl of light. In the West it’s general perceived to mean something else from its original meaning — in the West it tends to mean two separate beings. One, of light with a bit darkness and two, of darkness with a bit light. Its true meaning is of opposites attracting one another because of their differences.

Although its true both meaning can be true, it was my experience with its Western meaning for a long time and still going to today. When I was younger, I believed that people were either good or bad, later I learned that people can be, but not always be a mix of both. However, I was treated as if I was bad with no light for countless amount of years and at times it feels like I am going through it all again with no real end in sight.

This balance as it were is always in flux. One thing I found is that people put on an air of false truths acting like they are light when in truth they are the darkness, not darkness in an abstract term, but as a means to cause harm. I’ve seen this up until the point of it being a broken record. If it was something I could turn off, then maybe I would. Truth and balance mean more to me than ignorance and lies. My perception to how I am perceived might be wrong — but no evidence to the contrary has shown itself and even if it has it hasn’t proven to be true.

This has found to cause me a lot of pain. Just pain, pain, pain, a constant loop similar to Yin and Yang but without the transference of the negative.

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