What is Strength?

What is strength? Is it strength of the mind, the body, the spirit or the character of the person?

What makes someone strong? Is it their actions, or their words?

The strength of a man is measured in many ways but who decides, is it society, or the man himself?

For those men with a strong mind will push through any mental hurdle that crosses their path, whether they put that hurdle up or someone puts that hurdle up in front of them. The mind can do many things and one of those abilities is unique only to the mind, it is the ability to rationalize and use logic objectively to pass the challenges that are set before it.

Weak minded men have no such desire to circumvent or push through what is hindering them, a weak man will quit before the race of life has even begun. A to common site these days and one that must end. If you’re not fighting, then you are weak, and that is solely on the man. Even if every external force is pushing you down and you accept it than you are weak.

What of the body, is it the strength alone, or is it how that strength is used? A man that fought in military, or in emergency services understand that it is their will that allows them to move their body to do things that no civilian would ever consider. To push the body to fight through what would be viewed as hell on Earth and see the next day is strength. To die fighting is strength, although naturally not a good outcome. But he is to be admired, worshiped for his strength to put his body through that torment.

Those of weak body, do not move. They are fat and lazy to the emp degree, nothing is more worthless than being fat and lazy. Fat isn’t the factor that makes them lazy, but their will, or their lack of. Many fat men have had more energy than the smallest man and those are great men. But to be fat and lazy is all on that man.

The spirit, or the soul is what drives us to challenge the unchallengeable. From courts to that asshole you crossed walking down the street. Some people have character that not even the toughest men on Earth would challenge because the tough man knows that his spirit is not as strong as the man he challenged. Even if the tough man was to assault the strong spirited man, he will know within himself that he was the weak one, because those with a strong spirit have the will not to fight, not unless he has choice.

Society plays a part it what is considered strong, but when society is weak its men who decide what is strength. That is real men, not men to give into pressure from weak willed women, but from the strong men around him, and if there are none around him, then he turns to himself because at the end of the day we are all alone. You don’t wake up and you and another person have become one. No, you’re completely alone and it is up to you to pull yourself up, not your friends, not your family. You, and only you.

The questions then become does a man have to have only one strength, a combination or all three. To have all three is to work for all three and only strong men will succeed in attaining them. The weak will only be left behind.

Women play no part in what male strength is, to say otherwise is weakness, nothing more. Women admire a man’s strength even though they would never admit it. Women have their strengths, but they are not, or ever will be the same as a man’s strength.

That is strength!

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